Forget your marketing woes. Start here!

  1. Fundamentals of Marketing
  2. How to build a brand
  3. Ways of Building a Brand: Traditional Marketing vs Digital Marketing
  4. Getting started with Digital Marketing and creating your own marketing funnel
  5. How to avoid getting confused about different ways to market and instead create an integrated marketing approach which can be scaled easily
  6. How to gain #MassTrust for your products/services?

So fundamentally speaking, marketing is understanding the customer and his/her needs so well that it leads to creating a product that fits.

It starts before creating the product.

“Marketing is based on science of understanding your customer so well that the product you create fits them perfectly and then it sells itself”

Now that we have learnt about the fundamentals of marketing, the next step would be to understand how to build a brand.

To build a brand, first decide where you want to compete. Deciding where to compete is half your success. Choose a category and become the leader in that category.

Ways of building a brand: Traditional Marketing VS Digital Marketing

TV ads is a classic example of traditional marketing. You can reach millions of people at a low cost.

How to get started with Digital Marketing and create an effective funnel?




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