The 4 Step Secret Formula to getting regular customers

Getting regular customers for your product/service can be exhausting 😰

Do you relate to this meme? 😁


In this post, I will share a 4 step process that will get you regular customers 💯

Bonus: I compare how this process works for Noah and AppSumo

Step 1: Who is your Dream Client? 🕴️

Most of us start with a product idea, never thinking about who our Ideal Clients are.

Note down:

What do they look like?
What are they passionate about?
What are their goals, dreams and desires?

The Ideal Customer Profile for AppSumo is:
1. Entrepreneurs creating Digital Products
2. They are passionate about entrepreneurship and business
3. They desire to sell more of their products and make their business successful

Step 2: Where can you find your dream client? 💻

Where does your dream client hang out online? Are they on Facebook, Instagram or Reddit or some place else? What email newsletters are they subscribed to? What blogs do they read? Who are the influencers they follow?

Step 2 is as good as redundant if you don’t do Step 1.

Luckily for AppSumo their Dream Clients are digitally savvy. They would hang out a lot on YouTube trying to learn things about entrepreneurship. They would be on Reddit and Product Hunt. They would follow other Digital Creators.

Step 3: What Bait will you use to attract them? 🍭

What is that something valuable that you can provide to your dream client that will attract them towards you.

For AppSumo, they create awesome free content on YouTube which is helpful to their customers.

Also, Noah makes great content on his channel which helps entrepreneurs who are creating these digital products.

Step 4: What Result do you want to give your dream client?📈

A business is about the results that you can get for your clients. Once you (and they) understand that concept, then price is no longer a barrier.

The AppSumo marketplace is a one-stop-shop for Digital Products solving a host of business problems. Also, they have awesome life time deals.

This exercise might seem simple or tough, but it will bring you so invaluable amount of clarity in your business.

Until next time, keep the hustle on!

Yours truly
Yash a.k.a Curious About Sales