Meditation and Improving your breath

  1. Improve focus (The present moment is vast and deep. Meditation allows us to realise it)
  2. Remain calm and composed (Not too happy when things go right, not too sad when things go wrong)
  3. Remain in the present (Moving the mind between the past and future is what causes stress)
  4. Improve our quality of happiness. Smoking, Drinking etc. are all temporary bouts of happiness and hence not of high quality. Meditation will help you stay happier for longer durations.
  5. Allow room for imperfection. Create that small dustbin space in your mind where you can dump all negative thoughts and wrong doings.
  6. Accept people and situations how they are. We can’t change them.

No one ever got harmed by doing a lot of meditation. The more you do it the more you gain.

  1. A disease free body
  2. Quiver free breath
  3. Stress free mind
  4. Inhibition free intellect
  5. Trauma free memory
  6. Exclusion free ego
  7. Sorrow free soul



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Yash Agrawal

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